King Photo

Audio Transcript:

We have stores in Harrisonburg and Waynesboro. We’ve been in the photo business for 60 years and six months now. For almost the entire time we’ve been in retail, we’ve been an advertiser on WSVA and other radio stations in Harrisonburg Radio Group. It’s been very effective for us when used correctly. For 23 years off and on, we’ve done a promotion called “Up on a Roof”. We spend three days and three nights on the roof of our Harrisonburg King Photo store. Just in our regular radio advertising schedules, I’ve had individuals from the Waynesboro store call me to say we really need to stop our radio ads because we can’t take any more orders. We’re just too busy. We just finished up a promotion, Bags and Bears, and had dozens of people come in and brings suitcases, and bags, and gifts for foster kids. So, there certainly is power in radio, as we well know. Sometimes we’ll be a guest on the radio and we’ll get calls at the store about anything we talk about on air that day, or people come to the store asking for more specifically details about what we talked about.

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