The Mobile Space: The Move all Marketers Should be Making

Most marketers are doing it and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be either.

We’re talking about Mobile Advertising.

The mobile space is the new advertising hot spot for large and local businesses. With 89% of all phones being smartphones, users are using mobile search now more than ever to decide where to eat, where to shop, and in the end, where to invest their money…which could be with you.

As mobile marketing techniques are getting savvier with location-targeted ads, so does the consumer. Traditional web advertising, while effective for some, may not cut it with the “mobile person”.

How do we effectively advertise in the mobile sphere?

The answer is native advertising. Let your ad fit in with the aesthetic of a website using what will be the “fastest-growing mobile ad format in the next several years” according to BIA/Kelsey. Catch your consumer’s eyes in a non-obtrusive way by targeting them according to their online behavior. Over $13 billion is expected to be spent in native mobile advertising this year. Be part of the mobile experience. Invest in native so that your potential customers will invest in you.


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Referenced: “Are you Helping Clients Make the Most of Native-Social?” by Kathy Crosett, Research Director for SalesFuel.

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