Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance- Testimonial

Harrisonburg Radio Group was extremely happy to be part of Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance’s “Friendly City Fortune”.

Dear Steve Davis and the Entire HRG Team:

On behalf of Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance, I want to share our sincere appreciation for our partnership with the Harrisonburg Radio Group. Since you reached out to us in 2016, we have had live remotes downtown, HRG featured at our events, Downtown Dollar giveaways, and exposure to a new and larger audience through ads and interviews. Most of all, your partnership with us helped make our inaugural fund raiser, the Friendly City Fortune, a resounding success! With HRG, our nonprofit exceeded our projected fund-raising goals thanks to Friendly City Fortune Fridays and ongoing advertising. Since we track our online ticket purchases, we know that many people found out about the Fortune through the radio. You helped us gain a reach to a broader audience that we could not have achieved on our own.

We tell everyone who will listen, and force those who don’t, about how wonderful of a partner you are to us and the greater community. Having Kate, Billy, JR, and Ivy Lee as our MCs during the raffle event allowed us to leave that important job to the professionals. They kept the event moving and everyone’s energy up. Having music playing in between the drawings made a huge difference in the day’s vibe. This was a new initiative for us, but everything went perfectly, and once again, HRG was right there supporting us the whole time.

Your team of broadcasters are trusted and valued by your audience. They wake up to the radio and listen throughout the day. Your listeners feel they really know you – and we feel the same way. We see you around town and love coming into your office because it is like visiting friends. Having you share the Raffle on air along with an incredible enthusiasm and knowledge for it helped build people’s confidence in the Fortune and widened our circle of support.

You said when we first met that HRG believes in its mission to support the community. Your guiding philosophy is to be “an Ambassador of Goodwill in our community by promoting social, retail, and economic growth and development.” Your consistant and positive work in the Harrisonburg area shows that you walk the talk. You have set the bar for being “Partner of the Year” and continue to raise it. Thank you for all that you do for HDR and for the community.


Andrea L. Dono