Smart Speakers: Country Music Listeners give them a “Thumbs Up”

The Amazon Echo.  Google Home.  The HomePod…. And whatever is coming next.

Smart speakers aren’t a passing fad.  They’re undeniably here to stay, and Country radio listeners are enjoying these new ways to enjoy their favorite music, local news and personalities.

Edison Research recently released some eye-opening statistics:

  • 48% of Country fans who are smart speaker owners had listened to AM/FM radio on their speakers in the week before they were contacted, slightly higher than the 43% of all listeners who had used their smart speakers for broadcast radio.
  • Despite broadcasters’ growing efforts to develop smart speaker skills and more frequent on-air mentions, only 25% of Country smart speaker owners were aware of an AM/FM radio station that offers a smart speaker skill.
  • 96% of Country fans say listening to music was a reason for wanting the device.
  • 81% say they used the device to play music in the past week, and 72% said they used it to play Country music.
  • Country listeners who own smart speakers also say they listen to more music than overall respondents—6 hours and 11 minutes a week, roughly an hour more than others.
  • 37% of Country smart speaker owners say they purchased the device “because all your friends and family members have one” vs. 26% overall.
  • 80% of Country smart speaker owners believe the device was easy to set up.

WSIG and the rest of the stations of Harrisonburg Radio Group were among the first in the area to offer smart speaker skills to our listeners.  In addition to regular on-air announcements explaining how to activate the skills for those who have smart speakers, we also provide easy-to-follow “How To” directions on each of our station websites.

This evolution/revolution of radio listening is far from over.  Expect future offerings to include increased on-demand audio opportunities, as well as enhanced ways for listeners to interact with their favorite radio stations using their smart speakers.  And, at the breakneck pace of developing technology, expect them sooner than later.