Local Radio News – Listeners turn to the Dial

A recent survey by NuVoodoo asks this question:

“On a scale of ‘0’ to ’10,’ where ‘0’ is no trust at all and ’10’ is complete trust, how much do you trust these sources to give you timely and accurate news?”

The list included media outlets ranging from the TV networks to some of the most popular news sites online like The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal and the The New York Times.  Who was the most trusted?  Your local news radio station – more trusted than even the local newspaper.

These days there are hundreds, if not thousands of sources for news. There are apps for news, apps for weather, apps for traffic, apps for just about anything. Still, more people turn to the one source that wraps all that information into one package…local news radio.

Why? It’s simple. The things local residents are really concerned about: the quality of their children’s schools, what their local government officials are proposing, how much they may be paying for their utilities and even where the latest traffic jam is that will make them late for work, are all being reported by their local radio station.

Where do they listen?

  • During the morning and afternoon commutes in their car
  • At work listening on their computers or digital assistants (smart speakers)
  • On their radios.

Based on a survey by The Media Audit in March 2013, courtesy of the Radio Advertising Bureau, Adults 18+ spend 22% of their daily media consumption listening to radio followed by Broadcast TV at 14% and Newspapers at 7%. In 5 years, not much has changed. Think of the last time you turned to the dial to check on weather cancellations and delays.

It’s clear. People are turning to “radio” for the information they need.