Digital 101: Mobile Conquesting

The word is out and all marketers are talking about it… we’re referring to Mobile Conquesting! (You might have heard of it as geo-fencing). With ever-growing technology, you can now target people with your business’ ads on the devices that no one can seem to put down.

How does Mobile Conquesting work?

Mobile Conquesting is all about reaching the mobile customer. Where are your customers? They’re out shopping at your competitors’ locations, browsing store fronts, and even making purchases directly from their phones.

How does it work?

We use location-based, demographic, and behavioral targeting to reach your potential customers with both display and video ads on their mobile devices- smartphones or tablets.

Are you a local hardware store competing against brand-name home improvement giants in town? No worries, we can specifically send ads to people who have been to those brand-name stores.

Are you a car dealer worried that your customers are spending too much time on your neighbor’s car lot? Guess what, we can send them your ads while they’re browsing your competition’s cars- we call this Geofencing.

Want to keep sending ads to your customers after they leave your or your competitor’s location? We call this Geo-Retargeting.

Let’s take it a step further- want to target people after they leave your or your competitor’s location AND target their neighbors? Use Geo-Retargeting Lookalike.

What if you’re an umbrella store and only want to send out ads when it’s raining? We can do that too! We use something called a Weather Trigger to only send your ads when a certain weather condition is happening or may happen- rain, shine, snow…. you’d think we were meteorologists.


How do we build a Mobile Conquesting campaign?

Step 1: Choose a geographic area to target- a city, a radius around your location, or even zip codes.

Step 2: Add in targeting categories. Example, if you’re a jewelry store, we’d target people who have recently been to other jewelry stores, and we’d target “Luxury Shoppers”.

Step 3: Layer in Geofencing, Geo-Retargeting, and Geo-Retargeting Lookalike to increase your reach and brand influence.

How do I track my ROI?

We track something called In-Store Visits. Using GPS technology, we can track how many people saw your ad and then walked into your business…how crazy is that?

To give you even more in-depth reporting, we also track impressions, Click-Thrus, View-Thrus, and Conversions, device break out, creative performance, and so much more.


Now if all of this information excites you, great! If it confuses you, no worries! Call us and we’ll sit down with you one-on-one to explain in greater depth the amazing targeting capabilities of Mobile Conquesting.