#GreatCommunityGive supported by Radio

June 20, 2018


For The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County, the Great Community Give was a large undertaking and was an amazing community event but we did not succeed without a lot of help.  We extend our deep appreciation to our biggest media partner, Harrisonburg Radio Group.


The “Great Community Give” was the first community wide online giving event held on April 18, 2018 and was designed to inspire philanthropy in direct support of non-profit organizations.  Developing a radio campaign to assist in public understanding of a complex, first-time event meant TCF needed a partner that could influence the masses.  The solution was Harrisonburg Radio Group who in turn, went above and beyond our best imagined results with generosity and genuine commitment.


After meeting with GM Steve Davis, Production Director Heather Pruitt and Marketing Specialist Mary McMahan, a PSA campaign was designed which involved recording multiple 30 second announcements. The production and post-production was a generous undertaking donated by HRG with special acknowledgement to Heather for her time, skill and organization.  These PSA’s, along with guest interviews, were aired across their various stations effectively reaching many people of all ages.


Next, Steve rallied his team to create a game-plan for April 18th.  They offered to dedicate a different announcer per hour to be at GCG headquarters from 6am to 7pm to record “live” updates for the stations which motivated their enormous combined audience to donate to the website, www.greatcommunitygive.org.   HRG’S commitment was impressive and the results were incredible.


The Great Community Give had an original donation goal of $70,000 which was met by 10am.  There was so much momentum as the day progressed that the goal increased all the way up to $250,000!  By the close of the event at 8pm, the Great Community Give had raised $277,000 for our area nonprofits.  The PSA’s, interviews, on-air chatting, on-line display ads and “live reports” made for a comprehensive campaign that was critical to the success of the event.


It is important to state that Harrisonburg Radio Group supported the Great Community Give with enthusiasm.  It’s fair to say that they were all invested thanks to solid leadership and a community-oriented corporate philosophy.


In summary, Harrisonburg Radio Group cares about their community and the success of their customers.  They offer a broad audience who is influenced to respond to the messages on their stations, social media and websites.   The Great Community Give is just one shining example of their ability to get results and influence their listeners.  Thank you Harrisonburg Radio Group for all that you do.



Toni Bentel Bailey. Media Coordinator

Great Community Give, an Initiative of The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County