News-Talk WSVA Wins Saga Marconi Award

WSVA has been selected as winner of the annual Marconi Award as Saga’s Station of the Year, the most prestigious award given by parent company Saga Communications. Winning out over heritage radio stations from cities like Milwaukee and Columbus, the award recognizes the incredible level of service WSVA provides to not only the Shenandoah Valley, but the Radio Industry as a whole.

An integral part of Valley Life since 1935, the WSVA call letters stand for “We Serve Valley Agriculture”.  But if you’re a fan, you know it means so much more. From the support of the local ag community through the fairs in Rockingham, Augusta, Page, and Shenandoah to lawn parties, public service events, local news, weather, traffic and more, WSVA provides the information and entertainment the Valley needs.

From Early Mornings with Jim, Frank, Jen, Karl, Dave and Paul to the afternoon team with Mike and Mario on the Mike Schikman Show, and of course everyone who contributes to WSVA’s evening and weekend information, sports and entertainment programs….Congratulations for a job well done. BEST IN THE COUNTRY!

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